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Choosing a pediatrician is an important decision when you are expecting a baby. Many people choose a doctor for their child based on recommendations from trusted friends and family members, while others prefer to meet and interview pediatricians themselves. If you are expecting a baby and would like to meet one of our doctors, our office can schedule you for a prenatal visit. There is no charge for a prenatal visit and it is an excellent way to see the office and meet our staff. One of the pediatricians will talk with you about your pregnancy and answer any questions you have about infants and our pediatric practice.

If you have already chosen Northside Pediatrics to care for your new baby, a prenatal visit is not required. Mothers who deliver at Columbus Regional Hospital will have a Prepare Visit scheduled a few weeks before delivery during which you will be asked the name of your baby's doctor. When your baby is born, the nursery will notify us and our doctors will see your baby within 24 hours and daily while your baby is in the hospital.

If you plan to deliver your baby at a different hospital, a pediatrician on-call will see him or her while in the hospital. Please call our office once you have been discharged to home and we will schedule a follow-up within one week.

There are many prenatal classes offered at Columbus Regional Hospital to assist expectant parents. For more information about these classes, please call the Wellness Center at 376-5033 or check this weblink:

Breastfeeding has many proven medical and emotional benefits. Attending prenatal breastfeeding classes and reading about breastfeeding can better prepare you and help your breastfeeding experience. Columbus Regional Hospital also offers breastfeeding classes for expectant parents.