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Teen Health

We care for adolescents until 21 years of age or through college. We consider adolescents special patients in our offices. Regular checkups during adolescence are essential to assure your child is current on immunizations and prepared to participate fully in sports and camps. The Indiana Stage High School Athletic Association requires athletes have a yearly physical exam. Physicals also allow us the opportunity to encourage good health habits and to discuss common adolescent concerns such as acne, weight or eating problems, sleep issues, depression and mental health problems, sexuality, and substance use or abuse.

Message to Teens:
We value you as our patients and understand that the teenage years at times can be difficult and stressful. We believe that the best medical care is usually delivered in cooperation with you as the patient, your doctor and your family. However, we also understand that there are times that you may need to discuss certain issues that affect your health with your doctor privately, and we will respect your need for privacy.

Message to Parents of Teens:
We believe that parents need to be involved actively in their teenagers' lives. This includes showing interest and concern about schoolwork, friends, hobbies and interests, and healthcare. While we value your input into the care of your teenager, in order to best serve your teen, there may be times when we will ask to meet privately with your son or daughter to discuss particular concerns.